Stwo, a 20 year old producer from Paris, France is gearing up to release his newest EP.  Beyond, is a six track EP featuring sexy electronic sounds mixed with that R&B smooth sounds to create something entirely new and completely addictive.  The EP premiers via Live For The Funk a few days from now.  So before you listen to Stwo’s new EP, make sure you dim the lights, grab your lady-friend and a bottle of wine because things could get hot!

We’re hear to highlight a remix from Stwo’s newest EP.  It comes from a fellow Parisian producer, Andrea.  If you’ve been a fan of the Dankles for a while then Andrea should be no strange.  A similar seductive  style oozes from his SoundCloud page.  Whenever I show someone Andrea’s page the first thing they remark is how ‘sexy’ the music is.  I’d have to agree.  Andrea is also in the midst of his #OneSampleOneDay project.  He’s creating a new tune from scratch, starting with one sample for 30 days.  You can find all those tracks (which are awesome) on his SoundCloud.  Andrea keeps the same formula on this remix.  Giving us lush sounds, stuttered and pitched vocals and what sounds like unusual drum sampling.  Look out for more from Andrea and Stwo soon.


Andrea on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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