You guys are in for a treat today! One of my favorite producers to have stumbled across in the past few years has without a doubt been Kalya Scintilla and since I found his sound it has been very tricky for his music to not infiltrate my ears on a daily basis. With a hefty catalogue of worldly squishy bass tunes under his belt and shared with the public who knows how many tunes lay hidden in the depths of Kalya’s archives. Luckily enough just a few weeks back he let us in on a little peak of what he has been keeping hidden away for some time! On June 19th he presented us with this thirteen track remix album of assorted remixes of his that have yet to see the public eye. On this mind warping release we are dealt everything from downtempo textured vibrations to space bending melodies that are sure to take you off into the unknown. As always don’t hesitate to cough up the AUD for this album if you have it, we always have to support the art we love! On top of that make sure you don’t miss Kalya Scintilla when he comes to Denver on July 20th for ‘A Mid Summer Nights Bloom’ where he will be joined by the likes of Kaminanda, Birds of Paradise, Janover & reSunator, Adham Shaikh, Whitebear, Temple Step Project, bioLuMigen and 2Nutz!!


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