Yes, I do love it when Them Jeans springs a few new tracks on us.  A couple months ago Them Jeans released his phenomenal Vowel Play EP (read more and listen).  More recently the Los Angeles producer release a track and Bixel Boy remix of “Brenda” (read more and download).  There were also a couple bootlegs and edits thrown into the mix over these last couple months too.  All I have to say is Them Jeans is on a path that will certainly lead him towards success.  Them Jeans’ way of making a new and fresh house sounds each time he releases material is hard to find.

Phoenix’s album tracks, like their Freshmen album, have been remixed by just about everyone, but Them Jeans adds a new flavor to the mix.  The title of the track fits perfectly for this sound.  The beat isn’t complicated, just simple kicks and snares.  The vocals sound like they’re sung through paper thin walls and that big fat bassline moves with a perfect pace.  I can tell this track will be on repeat around here for quite a while.  Download the track below and thank Them Jeans for your new favorite tune.


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