Mr. Oizo is one strange human, but strange in a good way.  I mean, look at this album artwork?  Strange would be a good way to describe the music he makes too.  But Mr. Oizo isn’t all about the music.  He’s also a pretty accomplished filmmaker, having a recent film, Wrong, officially selected at Sundance Film Festival.  By the look of the trailer, it looks pretty out there, which is just his style.

Mr. Oizo is known for his unique take on music.  Using the most absurd sounds too create music you’ve rarely heard before.  Most would probably call it techno, but even that’s a stretch.  His newest effort is Amicalement, a four track EP.  Each track gives the listener a different vibe.  Even Marilyn Manson is featured on “Solid”, which isn’t as creepy as you’d think and honestly stands out among the other three tracks.

Unfortunately there is no SoundCloud stream of Amicalement, but you can stream and download the EP on Mr. Oizo’s cleverly animated website.  Earlier today the website was having heavy-traffic issues, so hopefully you can navigate and download easily.


1. Unicat
2. Solid (ft. Marilyn Manson)
3. Waltz-E-Moore
4. Lovin’


Mr. Oizo on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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