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What really caught my attention about Wavefront Music Festival is the unique characteristics that it has from other festivals around the U.S.  From the paradisiacal venue of Montrose beach, to the impressive underground house lineup, to the low ticket price that is nearly a third of the cost of UMF, Wavefront truly has it all. With unquestionably my favorite lineup of any U.S. festival this year, the promoters have chosen to keep the bill more appealing to the underground house lovers, rather than focus on the more commercial “rave” crowd. What better place to do that than the “birthplace of house,” Chicago? By billing the top names in deep house, nu-disco, and techno, Wavefront really hit the nail on the head by divvying up the stages by genre in order to have less of the back-and-forth from stages that many other festivals seem to have. All-in-all, if you want to go dance on the beach at one of the best parties of the year, then get your tickets fast!


▲▲ Friday ▲▲

:: Fur Coat ::

Friday, July 5th, 2013
Spybar Stage
Time: 4:45-5:45

Fur Coat

I’ve seen Fur Coat a few times now and they always are sure to impress. With heavy tribal bass that can floor you, the Venezuelan duo really gets the party vibe going. Being recently signed to Crosstown Rebels, they released their debut full length LP, Mind Over Matter. The single from the album, “You and I,” was one of the most heavily charted tracks of 2012, and is still one of my favorite tracks to-date. After word spread about their unique deep sound, esteemed labels such as Get Physical MusicNoir, and My Favorite Robot quickly picked them up, and their turnover rate has been extremely impressive. Always on their game, Fur Coat will not be a show to miss out on!

Listen: Deep House Amsterdam DGL Podcast #003 – Fur Coat

Fur Coat on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

:: Maya Jane Coles ::

Friday, July 5th, 2013
The Cube Stage
Time: 5:15-6:30

maya jane coles

Coming out of the UK, Maya Jane Coles has been making some pretty massive waves recently. After her chart-topping What They Say EP, Maya went on to win “Best Newcomer 2011” at the Ibiza DJ Awards, get nominated for “Radio 1’s Essential Mix of the Year” by BBC’s Radio 1, and break the top ten in Resident Advisor’s “Best DJ” list. With an endless list of accolades, Maya Jane Coles is simply a master behind the decks. Her bootyteching style will keep your ass shaking and brain mesmerized as she transitions seamlessly throughout the night, which is why she’s a can’t-miss of mine for the weekend.

Purchase: Everything EP – Maya Jane Coles
Purchase: Easier To Hide EP – Maya Jane Coles

Maya Jane Coles on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

:: Guy Gerber ::

Friday, July 5th, 2013
The Cube Stage
Time: 6:45-8:00

guy gerber

Guy Gerber‘s Wisdom Of The Glove residency in Ibiza has been the talk of the island lately. With an atmosphere that is being described as an “360 degree otherworldly rabbit hole” that will “bring back what Ibiza was 30 years ago [with a] more melodic sound,” surely his parties are not one to miss. Being the owner of Supplement Facts, Gerber has been bringing a unique touch to deep house for nearly a decade  His sound is hard to pin down, as Gerber does not limit his music in any way; though you can guarantee that you’ll be dancing throughout his performance.

Download: Who’s Stalking Who? – Guy Gerber
Guy Gerber on Facebook Twitter | SoundCloud

▲▲ Saturday ▲▲

:: Derrick Carter ::

Saturday, July 6th, 2013
Chicago Heritage Stage
Time: 7:00-8:30

Derrick Carter

Derrick Carter is a hometown hero in Chicago, where in the 80’s and 90’s he was at the forefront of the local underground house scene. Carter started by DJing disco and funk records for his friends and family at the age of 9. Following college, he released his first record in 1987, and quickly became a staple of the evolving house sound. Being an influence to many of the successful deep house DJs of today, Carter’s technical skills on the deck are truly inspiring. Owning two labels, Blue Cucaracha and Classic Music Company, his ear for good music is impressive. In 2013 alone, Classic Music Company has already released thirteen extremely strong albums. Expect one of the best Chicago house sets of the weekend!

Download: Queen Mix 6-9-13 – Derrick Carter

Derrick Carter on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

:: Guti ::

Saturday, July 6th, 2013
The Cube Stage
Time: 6:45-7:45


Guti‘s illustrious career started a little differently than most of today’s new-age DJ’s. Being trained as a classical jazz musician at an early age, Guti‘s piano skills are extraordinarily impressive (and you can hear him incorporate that skill throughout most of his deep house production). As he grew older in Argentina, Guti‘s musical tastes started to shift into rock ‘n roll, and he became a national rock star playing in sold-out stadiums. More recently though, he has moved his musical focus towards deep house production, releasing some of the the most heavily-charted tracks of 2012 in “Step” and “Option One”; both absolutely vicious bombs in their own right. What really catches me about Guti tracks, is the musicality that he displays from his broad tastes and influences. With a deep knowledge of music theory, there always seems to be a soulful element to his songs that other producers just can’t seem to grasp.

Purchase: Option One – Guti

Purchase: Step – Guti & Fosky

Purchase: Funkapella – Guti

Guti on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

:: Visionquest ::

Saturday, July 6th, 2013
Visionquest 13 Stage
Time: 6:00-11:00


Visionquest is the brainchild of Ryan CrossonShaun ReevesLee Curtiss, and Seth Troxler; four of the most forward-thinking producers in deep house today. All of them having extremely successful solo careers in their own right, the four came together with the idea to collaborate in an upstate Michigan cabin one weekend. Growing up in one of the pioneering cities of house music, Detroit, it would only seem natural that a group of musically-talented and like-minded friends would emerge with a new sound that touches on almost every electronic genre to-date. It’s truly hard to label their music, as their tracks always take the listener on a musical journey, pushing the boundaries of sound. The quartets critically-acclaimed label, Visionquest Records, is one of the most heavily charted and respected imprints in the game. With signees including the likes of Footprintz,Benoit & Sergio, and Guy Gerber just to name a few, Visionquest Records is rapidly gaining notoriety as one of the most consistent and impressive new labels. Currently in the midst of their Visionquest Thirteen tour, which sees added production to their already remarkable sets, the four will be sure to take your senses on a musical journey through space and time.

Download: Visionquest @ Mixmag Live 5/17/2012____________________________________________________________________________
Visionquest Records on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
Ryan Crosson on Facebook | SoundCloud
Shaun Reeves on Facebook
Lee Curtiss on Facebook | SoundCloud
Seth Troxler on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

▲▲ Sunday ▲▲

:: Lee Burridge ::

Sunday, July 7th, 2013
All Day I Dream Stage
Time: TBA

lee burridge

Lee Burridge is simply a legend in every meaning of the word. Starting his career all the way back in 1984, Burridge first got into more housey music in the early 1990’s, which subsequently led to his moving to Hong Kong. With almost no music scene there at the time, Burridge was instrumental in fostering the underground club scene to Hong Kong and surrounding areas such as Thailand. Moving back to the UK in 1997, he teamed up with world-renowned DJs Craig Richards and Sasha to release a slew of unbelievable mix CDs…and that was all before 2000. More recently, Burridge has been showcasing his sound with his All Day I Dream series that will be making its way over to Wavefront this year. This show is truly not one to miss, as Burridge is has picked up tons of hidden gems through his nearly three decades of DJing, all of which he incorporates into his sets. You never know what to expect when he reaches into his recordbox, which is why he’s a must-see in my book!

Listen: Robotheart 2012 Part One – Lee Burridge

Listen: Robotheart 2012 Part Two – Lee Burridge

Lee Burridge on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

:: Wolf & Lamb Vs. Soul Clap ::

Sunday, July 7th, 2013
Crew Love Stage
Time: 8:00-10:00

Crew Love

If you like funk, disco, and house music you will absolutely love Wolf & Lamb and Soul Clap. Essentially four goofballs who grew up through the height of the 90’s house wave, both duos have gone on to establish their own record labels (Wolf & Lamb Records and Soul Clap Records). They simply play good music regardless of the genre, era, or even tempo of the tracks. It’s their eclectic styles and record boxes that make them a must see!

Download: Wolf & Lamb Vs. Soul Clap @ A Modern Love Affair

Wolf & Lamb on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
Soul Clap on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

:: Hot Natured ::

The Cube Stage
Time: 9:00-10:00

Hot Natured Wavefront
Undoubtably my most anticipated act for this weekend is none other than deep house super-group quartet, Hot Natured. Being comprised of Lee Foss, Jamie Jones (co-label owners of the do-no-wrong Hot Creations), Ali Love, and Luca C (a.k.a. Infinity Ink), who all have extremely successful music careers in their own right, Hot Natured has been one of the most forward-thinking and influential projects the last couple of years. The DJ/production team has more recently moved towards performing a live deep house show (as a four-piece deep house band, with vocalist Anabel Englund coming in to sing now and then). Now, when I say live, I mean there is no vocal track playing in the background (like so many “live” acts), and the synth/drumwork is all done on the spot, allowing for them to make drastic changes to songs on the fly. Already releasing some of the most heavily-charted songs of 2012, and with their new album due to release this summer, I believe they’re about to bridge the gap between underground deep house and the more poppy sound played on the radio. Being self-described as “go[ing] as far as it can, and reach[ing] as many people as possible, without compromising anything, we’re making sure it’s suitable for radio and it’s more polished because that’s what we want to go for with this, but the fun thing with house and techno is you can literally do anything” the album “ties in some weird stuff to do with, like, planets and spirituality”.

Purchase: Forward Motion – Hot Natured

Purchase: Reverse Skydiving – Hot Natured

Download: Assimilation – Hot Natured

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