Mmmmm…the funky sounds of Oliver.  The duo from LA that brought you irresistible tunes like “Dirty Talk” and “MYB” are back once again with a free tune for all the fans out there.  Mayer Hawthorne is gearing up for their upcoming album, Where Does This Door Go, and as a treat, they released this remix.  Compared to Oliver’s originals, this one is a bit slower and seductive.  There’s nothing wrong with that though.  The poppy vocals compliment the smooth drums and fat bumping bassline like no other.  And once again, the production is on point.  Oliver is bringing back disco and funk with every passing day and you should be there to listen to it.

Unfortunately Mayer Hawthorne isn’t allowing the remix to be embedded on our website, so cruise over to their SoundCloud page and give this tune a couple rinses.



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