To get your week rolling on the right foot I thought why not bring you guys a refreshing new remix of a tune that most of you are already familiar with. Having seen Ellie Goulding‘s ‘Lights’ remixed and reworked countless times since it originally hit the air waves it has been a good while since I stumbled across one that truly caught me by surprise. This latest little reworking from up and coming East coast producer NO SIR E takes the lush tune and turns it into a wild adventure through styles. Opening up with a soft textured intro laced with water sounds, chirping birds, and an ominous vocal sampling being dragged through the background we are then hit with a progressive drum line that really caught my attention. From light scattered tones at first the drums build into almost full fledged metal rhythms as NO SIR E’s metal background shines through. Now he isn’t giving this bad boy out for free but this remix is definitely one to lend a good ear to as your dig through tunes today.

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