If your ears have yet to be pleasured by the likes of IAMNOBODI they have been seriously deprived. This German powerhouse of the Soulection crew is constantly on the ball with every sexy, lush, and alluring track he has released to date. With a silky smooth catalogue of blissful tracks slowly amassing in his library he just recently let this new remix of his loose on the public late last night. This time he takes on ‘Party’ which features the likes of Beyonce and Andre 3000; and as it stands how could a track with these two on it be bad? Now I can’t say I was actually that big of a fan of the original but once IAMNOBODI layed his hands on it I can’t take this tune off repeat. Substituting the original beats for a chilled out big room bass sound combined with the lyrics of Beyonce and Andre it’s hard to not get enveloped by this one. Take to listening and enjoy my friends!

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