Is there anything Bassnectar can’t do?  It’s a pretty valid question if you ask me.  With very saturated electronic music scene, people tend to picks favorites and ignore the others, but if there is one consensus among the majority of bass music fans, it’s that Bassnectar reigns king.  Everyone I talk to has a couple Bassnectar stories that are worth listening to because he brings out a raw energy that few artists can portray time and time again.

The king basshead recently dropped a re-vamped version of a mixtape he release on cassette in 1999.  The mixtape, Dreamtempo, is filled with down-tempo, bass-filled tracks that you don’t hear at a show these days but it’s definitely worth a listen or two (read more and download).

Lorin’s newest effort comes in the form of a Nina Simone remix.  The track “Feeling Good” boast sounds that don’t normally find their way into electronic music.  Bassnectar plays on the piano piece and of course the enormous fat-sounding horns.  These lead us to an enormous drop that showers us with that classic nectar bass.  If you’ve been a long time Bassnectar fan you’re sure to enjoy this one!

Nina Simone is releasing a remixed album titled, Verve Remixed: The First Ladies, that is due to debut on July 9th.  You can pre-order the album here.  This remix album is stacked!  We’re talking new material from Flume, Zeds Dead, Pretty Lights, RAC, Maya Janes Coles and so many more!  Be sure to check it out!


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