Now That's What I Call DICKSQUAD: Volume 1

Now That’s What I Call DICKSQUAD: Volume 1

If you happen to be asking yourself “Who or what is DICKSQUAD?” then you are in for quite the booty-clapping treat- This raunchy collective is best described by their elaborately worded biography on their facebook page, stating:

“What happens when little dicks grow big and strong? They come together and foster an environment where, one day, other dicks may do the same. We are an army, throbbing to the beat of a different drum. Our only mission is to fill you up inside with the warm joy of music and in this ecstatic release we hope you rediscover the same passion we feel. With eyes on the future and a firm grip on the present, DICKSQUAD stays both relevant and innovative. We are ever ready to penetrate boundaries and spread seeds of inspiration and celebration. DICKSQUAD recognizes that, as of late, there has been a musical drought of creativity and we are working hard, so hard, to nurture a healthy, refreshingly wet, moist landscape conducive to revitalizing the scene.”

Featuring a handful of up and coming jersey club, b’more club, and trap producers such as Whiskers PoRaceCarBedShooter McNappin, and Buzz Trillington, this compilation is teeming with dick, ass, and booty-filled club anthems that are sure to get you smiling and wylin’ to some really hyphy music. From remixes of Rihanna‘s classic ‘Cake’ and Big Sean‘s booty-bouncin’ ‘Dance (A$$)’ to collective-made originals, you’ll find a collection of jockey-riding beats and foot-working tunes unlike any other around, so do not take this DICKSQUAD mixtape lightly! Available for free download, ‘Now That’s What I Call DICKSQUAD: Volume 1’ is an essential for any dancefloor-raging, dick-loving individual who needed a little more “D” in their life. DICKSQUAD probably said it best with “You must ask yourself – are you ready to stand at attention, Private? Will you hear the call when the cock crows? And is there any reason why you would refuse good dick? DICKSQUAD.” Enjoy y’all.

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