Certainly nothing could kick your weekend off better than a little bit of spacey bass laced with crisp Nate Dogg samples. And guess what?! That’s just what we have packed up in this latest tune from our west coast homies The OriGinALz. If you’re a frequent viewer of the site I’m sure your ears have been violated once before by the astral production skills behind this duo so you should be as excited as we were to hear this tune. This new rack is an ode to the late Nate Dogg (may he rest in peace) and the guys have made sure to douse it with plenty of their own flavor. This glitched out lazer bass track dropped a little more than a week ago but somehow we managed to let it slide beneath our radar for a minute there; so we figured what better time than now to bring this to your attention if you were on the same page as we were. Alas the boys have done what they do best with this new tune and we can’t wait to see what they let slip out of their sleeves in the future!

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