Good friend of The Dankles and excellent producer, Johnny Mabie, makes music under the moniker, Be Good, out of beautiful Boulder, Colorado.  The world of making music is no stranger to the young DJ, he has been played guitar in past bands, and he has proven himself as someone who can make the transition from organic to synthetic sounds successfully.  Johnny has made experimental down-tempo songs such as “You Know“, but his repertoire also includes hard-hitting dubstep thrillers such as his remix of Moby’s “Flower“, and somewhere in between with his “Money Trees” remix; hitting all ends of the EDM spectrum.

Be Good is an extremely talented, young producer who has the versatility to create a down-tempo track, hip-hop beat, a trap anthem, a firey dubstep track, or a combination of those as seen in the case of this track.  “Sea Foam” is as if XXYYXX and Griz collaborated on a track together.  The song starts off pretty mellow and evolves into a bass heavy, glitchy tune with the excellent use of chopped vocal samples.


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