It’s been a minute since we last heard from our favorite foursome.  We’re of course taking about the Bay area group, Helicopter Showdown.  A unique and relentless approach to bass music that will rattle every bone in your body.  HeliShowdown is not for the faint of heart and seeing them live will without a doubt prove that to a tee.

Helicopter Showdown’s newest offering is the Trapstep EP, a two track EP blending trap sounds with dubstep.  Many people have tried before, especially when trap was first blowing up, but few can do it so well.  The genres ride a fine line but Helicopter Showdown finds a way to seamlessly blend these tracks.  “Orchestral Playground”, the first track on the EP is appropriately titled with a lot of string and horn work opening up the track.  Soon the orchestra subsides to make way for a shit load of bass sounds.  “Trapstep” closes out the EP strong and is in my opinion my favorite of the two.  The second track leads us into a guttural build and then finally drops into more insane and pulsing bass-bin.  Download the EP for free now!


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