I can’t think of a more perfect track for a Sunday.  The calm before the work-week.  Monday morning is looming just over your shoulder.  So take advantage of what time you have left before you get back on the grind.  Maybe you’ve had an exciting Fourth Of July weekend and today’s your one day to rest and relax.  If so, give this track a listen and let the lush melodies and semi-patchy beat takeover.

Sun Glitters is Victor Ferreira from the very small country of Luxembourg.  Victor describes his music as lush ocean sounds, which is pretty accurate if you’ve been listening to this track so far.  From what I know about Sun Glitters, he executes best with chillwave, lo-fi electronic sounds that conjure precise emotions through the melodies.  This track featuring insanely beautiful vocals from Cuushe is the cherry on top for me.  The patchy distorted beat reminds me of something Dntel would make and the vocals just delicately fit.

Listen to the newest from Sun Glitters and download if you enjoy the track.


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