Any time AlunaGeorge puts out a new track, it immediately goes up here on The Dankles because the London duo really can do no wrong. Their debut album, Body Music, comes out July 29th, and today they’ve released the newest cut from it. “Bad Idea” lives up to the incredibly high standards they have set for themselves with singles like “Attracting Flies” and “Your Drums, Your Love,” with the two pairing together so damn perfectly. George Reid’s production is spot-on as always, with vocal samples and unique melodies that could only come from him, and he continues to change the beat throughout the song ensuring it never gets repeated. Then Aluna Francis’ beautiful vocals float over the beat so simply, and you’ll find yourself humming along to the song before it’s even over the first time. This summer has been a crazy one for releases, but I think AlunaGeorge‘s album is my most anticipated for the rest of the summer.

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