Sometimes you manage to stumble across the perfect soundtrack to kick off your day. Ladies and gents let me present to you Julian Mier; this talented young producer comes at us from the far reaches of the Netherlands with a sound reminiscent of artists such as Flying Lotus and Lapalux. Already amassing a sturdy catalogue of tunes in his arsenal Julian is slowly beginning to make a name for himself. Becoming know for his fragmented yet melodic harmonies and undulating soundscapes it won’t surprise me if we start to see his name popping up more often as the year rolls on. This newest release of his, ‘Jane’s Junkyard’, just debuted on one of Rotterdam’s more forward thinking imprints Lowrider Recordings just a few days back and I couldn’t help but give it some love. This LP takes us off on an atmospheric journey through space, time, and multiple genres. Mier’s style of broken and fractured beats is put to the test as his sound stretches from lush lullabies to the bass heavy tune ‘Here’s the Blur’ which closes out ‘Jane’s Junkyard’. Wrapping things up with a few remixes that are just as equally up to snuff with the originals and we truly have one more well rounded release from Lowrider Recordings. You can make your way on over to their Bandcamp to get the release in it’s entirety in either digital or vinyl format incase you become as enthralled with this new sound as I have the past few days.

Julian Mier on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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