Beside some nation-wide projections, a SNL performance and a couple other promotional tools, this is the first music video related content Kanye West has put out for Yezsus.  The album is out and people love it and hate it.  Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s hard to deny the hype behind Kanye’s latest effort.  While he broadens his style experimentally, the video behind “Black Skinhead” also does the same.  Watch the animated music video of a really beefed-up Kanye that looks like he came straight out of Grand Theft Auto.  I personally would have rather seen a real music video, but you can never tell what Kanye will put out his hat.  Purchase Yeezus on Itunes.



Well, it seems that the “Black Skinhead” video “leaked” according to Kanye.  Whether or not it’s true is left to be decided, but part of me feels like Kanye was embarassed at the reactions the video created.  After all it is a little dull and Kanye is a little too buff.  Here’s what Kanye had to say.



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