American Royalty first popped up on my radar when they released their Prismatic EP back in Feburary, and since then they’ve become a favorite of mine.  After seeing them at Snowball Music Festival this past March, I was thoroughly impressed in the group due to their ability to use both synthetic and organic sounds so well together.  This group has the ability to transcend specific genres to create a psychedelic rock sound  complimented by impeccable vocals and electronic production.  Be sure to check out our interview we conducted with American Royalty this March.

When I saw Kaytranada remixed this “Mariah”, the first though I had was “How?”.  This is because the original has a minimalist beat and Kaytanada typically doesn’t add too much energy to songs in his remixes.  Kaytranada stripped down the instrumental of this track and put a sexy spin on it, while keeping the integrity of vocals.  He really has an exemplary skillset to find quallity songs, usually R&B, and flip them into something altered, but not overly different from the original.  I would say his remixes are similar to RAC‘s because they both have a unique was a remixing songs by simply tweaking certain aspects of the original.  This is just another example of Kaytranada taking an already good song, and adding some sexy swag to it.

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