Portugal. The Man recently released their seventh full-length album, Evil Friends bringing on Danger Mouse for production, and the album was met with high praise from fans and critics alike. Their latest single, “Purple Yellow Red & Blue” is a happy, feel-good track that sings about wanting to “live in ecstasy,” so it’s only fitting that remixes would pop up highlighting that euphoric feeling. In an unlikely (but very welcome) surprise, Passion Pit is one of the first groups to remix the track, and they breathe new life into the track with the joyous synths they are known for on their past two albums. The track makes you want to get up and dance, and it makes the chorus sounds even bigger and grander than on the original, and the little touches like vocal glitches at the end of lines make it a song that will have you hitting repeat over and over again.

In an interesting marketing move, the track is only available for Samsung owners for now- but here’s to hoping they’ll open up the track for download for all of the rest of us.


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