Jean-Baptiste de Laubier, better known to most of his fans as Para One, is back with a new edit that you’re not going to stop playing all summer!  Almost a full year ago Para One dropped a free single titled, “You” (read more and download).  The original is a fun feel-good house track that plays with a sample.  The track sounds like it was recorded underwater, and all-in-all isn’t a super exciting song, but rather a great track for a more chill afternoon.  Now, in 2013, Para One is back with “You Too”.  This remix or edit, whatever you’d like to call it, is even more fun than the original.  Summer house vibes are written all over it.  Imagine laying on the beach or in the water and this track is your soundtrack for the afternoon.  It would probably turn out pretty epic.  Download the tune below!


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