I used to hate covers.  I really didn’t understand why people would just take an already great original and do it again.  It wasn’t until these last couple years that I truly started appreciating covers and now they’re some of my favorites.  I think the idea of someone appropriating the track in their own way or emotion is really powerful and surprisingly difficult considering they weren’t the original creators. Today’s cover comes from a French artist named Julia Losfelt.  Julia is a composer, vocalist and graphic designer.  We posted her track “Away” a couple weeks ago and I’ve still got it on repeat (read more and download).  Her Mount Kimbie cover is haunting and beautiful.  Her delicate voice creeps through the speakers allowing her accent to touch the track.  The production picks up a littl after half way through the track and keeps the vibe going until the end.  If you’re a fan of Mount Kimbie or cover songs this one is pretty damn good.


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