If you are a fan of the now Denver based West Coast producer//vocalist ill-esha you’re gonna be stoked on this lil freebie she tossed out to the public a few weeks back. ill-esha has been on the road nonstop lately so if you have been lucky enough to catch at set like we just did out at Sonic Bloom you might just have been treated to her rendition of ‘Let Me See’. Over the past year I had only heard her bust this out at shows so it’s exciting to see that she is finally letting this lil didy with ProbCause find its way into our personal libraries. This take on the Usher and Rick Ross hit from last summer ‘Lemme See’ even comes with an outlandishly seductive video that goes just perfectly with the vibes from both ill-esha and the Chicago based MC ProbCause. ill-esha’s captivating voice in combination with ProbCause’s rifling flow are the perfect pairing for the big bass beat that backs up this track so get to checking the video and swoop the free download while you’re at it!

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