553405_322787204481748_1999080350_nWavves‘  Nathan Williams alongside brother, Kynan, are back with another Sweet Valley project entitled SV.  The dou previously released Stay Calm, Jenova, and Eternal Champ last summer which put them on the map in the instrumental world.  What amazes me about Sweet Valley is Nathan Williams’s ability to create both crazy punk shit with Wavves, and experimental instrumentals with his younger brother.  The Williams brothers seem to have taken a different approach on SV .  Although the tracks remain hip-hop influenced, this EP has heavier hitting drum kits than previously, while staying true to the chopped, glitchy use of samples.  I think it’s really dope whenever family members make music together, such as Disclosure, and I hope the Williams brothers keep these free EPs coming.

Tracklist :

01 Kingdom of Heaven
02 Infinite Impulse
03 Turbo GT
04 Four
05 Quicksand (Secret Colors remix)
06 Hypomania
07 Jet Speed
08 Land Crusher
09 Cosmic Divine
10 Untitled 21
11 Untitled 22
12 Valley

Download: SV – Sweet Valley


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