Few artists can manage a double identity on stage.  Sometimes one project takes over the other and sometimes projects just fizzle out, but one man has capitalized on both of his stage names.  His name is Henry and is better known to most as either RL Grime or Clockwork.  Many didn’t know that both names were the same person but as information has been passed along the grapevine, we’ve come to know both names as equals.  Clockwork performs big room house and RL Grime dabbles in the trap game.

Today we’ve got the preview of RL Grime’s highly anticipated new EP, High Beams.  The five track EP is being released through Fools Gold Records and will debut on July 16th.  Lucky for us, Mr.Grime has taken some time out of his Infinite Daps Tour to show us his new material.  What’s best is that we get to preview roughly two minutes of each track.  I can tell already that “Secondary ft. Problem”, “Cliqcliq ft. Salva” and “Heard Me” are huge tunes.

RL Grime – High Beams EP [Fool’s Gold Records]

1. Pockets 
2. Shells 
3. Secondary (ft. Problem) 
4. Cliqcliq 
5. Heard Me


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