Most, if not all, electronic music enthusiast today have either a love/hate relationship with a certain producer who isn’t afraid to ruffle the feathers of his colleagues and even call himself out from time to time. Though I try to only focus on the music Deadmau5 creates, you can’t help being enthralled by some of the outspoken opinions that come out from the mau5 via social media channels. But all bullsh*t aside, there is a reason why Deadmau5 is still sitting on top of the music industry. Because he is simply one of the best producers that the world will ever see. Today Deadmau5 gifted his fans with brand new music via a track titled “Omnifck”.  This is chill tune is laced with eclectic sounds, giving off the vibe of a beautiful sunrise/sunset. Prepare to embark on a journey of zen like proportions with Deadmau5 as you spiritual guide. Enjoy mes Amis

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