If you have yet to hear about STYLSS or anyone in their entourage you must truly have been sleeping under a rock the past few months. This DIY label that has been creeping up from the dank green forests of the Northwest and truly making some serious waves this year. On top of releasing some truly forward thinking material the boys have also got into a groove of putting out some stellar compilations now known as the infamous ‘Suicide Pact’s’. Just the yesterday they released the 6th installment of the series on which we see some familiar producers from earlier Pact’s along with some new faces that give this new edition its own unique flare. Venturing from spaced out ambience to trilled out doo-wop and some truly unique hip hop flares the guys have really gotten one well rounded compilation together this time. In particular the contributions from Stewart Villain, YUNG GUTTED, cestladore, Nobi_4, ZOMBASS, LOOK., and Golden Living Room truly caught our attention so keep an eye out for those tracks as you listen through this expansive compilation. 

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