Another Monday morning.  They seem to come quicker each time around, especially when you’re working an office job all summer.  The heat is sweltering even in the early hours and the traffic is so bad it makes you want to pull your hair out.  Though Monday mornings are tough there are ways to make them better.  Wake up a bit earlier than usual and just relax on the porch with a nice cup of coffee, and of course music is always an answer.  This Monday morning I give you a couple original tracks from  Thompost (born Thomas Hoey) from Bristal, UK.

His tracks were once again discovered by DIY record label Bad Panada.  “Ghostly” and “The Birds Of Big Sur” are the two originals followed by two remixes from The Quail Project and Quwilsk.  “Ghostly” is a tracks that conjures feel-good memories through its organic sounds and light-hearted melodies.  Starting off a bit ominously, the track turns for pleasant territory.  “The Birds Of Big Sur” is another chill track that shouldn’t be skipped.  Starting off with some acoustic guitar picking then followed by a gradual drum beat that enters the track.  This instrumental makes me want to be back in Big Sur and pay more attention to the birds.

Don’t forget to listen to The Quail Project and Quwilsk’s remixes.  Though not quite as feel-good as the original they add a different side to the originals.  The Quail Project remix plays with the acoustic picking in a perfect way while Quwilsk’s remix is an off-shoot of a hip-hop beat with deep sub-bass sounds.


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