Diplo doesn’t stop.  He’s got to be tired, right?  I mean, if I was constantly touring, producing, taking care of a kid and what-not, I’d need like a week-long coma to catch up on sleep.  He must be one hell of a road-producer.  Though we may never learn how Diplo does it, I’m glad he takes care of it so we get more material like this on a regular basis.  You might remember the bubbly track, “Trampoline ft. 2 Chainz” Diplo produced for Tinie Tempah’s upcoming album (read more and listen).  Well, now, just a week and some change later we get a brand new track.

I know I’ve heard Wes talk about producing another album l he did with Florida, but with his busy schedule he said he just hasn’t found the time.  Could this possibly be the beginning of something like that.  Normally Diplo wouldn’t have the big credit for the track but would just be the producer on someone else’s track.  This time it’s the other way around and I’m glad to see it.  Featured on the track is Mike Posner, Boaz Van De Beatz, and though not on the artwork above, Riff Raff.  My only problem with this track is its pop sound on a trap track.  It just seems a bit too commercialized, like it was made for the radio.  Check out the track and grab the free download on this pretty massive trap tune.


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