From July 19th to July 21st, Morrison County will be hosting one of Colorado’s most anticipated and renowned events of the year, Global Dance Festival. Celebrating its eleventh annual gathering, this epic 3 day marathon will showcase 58 artists of all genres and all locations within the electronic music realm, and it will all be hosted within the amazing landscape of the mountainous Red Rocks Amphitheater. As you can probably imagine, we’ve been looking forward to this weekend of live electronic music for quite some time now, especially after getting a hint of what’s to come at the Global Dance Festival Pre-Party earlier this month. Now, with 3 days until opening, and so many artists to see, we have been franticly preparing a cohesive 2-day schedule* that we can follow to make the most of our weekend. It was in this hectic nature that we realized that many of you might be in the same boat, so we wanted to give you some depth behind the artists and tell you what you to expect from a weekend as exciting as this. As you explore through the lineup and our highlights, we suggest listening to the official Global Dance Festival Promotional Mix by Kill Paris, as it will certainly get your blood pumpin’ and body aching for the mayhem that awaits!

*Due to extrinsic circumstances, we will not be able to attend/provide coverage of Global Dance Festival on Friday, July 19.


The first day of Global Dance Festival is strictly for the grooviest of bass-flavored music fans, as ten of the best live-instrument electronic bands will be hitting the stages to showcase their hybrid skills. Throughout the day you will be able to see Beats Antique, Eoto, Emancipator, Conspirator, Papadosio, Ott, Zoogma, Signal Path, Sorne, and Bass Physics perform, so be sure to bring all of the necessary supplies to stay hydrated and keep things “weird.” Tragically, we won’t be able to attend the first day of acts, but we encourage any and all feedback from those that do to let us know how awesome it was on our Facebook or Twitter!

Friday’s top three artists to see: Beats AntiqueConspiratorBass Physics


After the first day of live electronic artists, Saturday will be providing a pure assault on the senses through electro, house, trance, and bass sounds, with superstar performers Sander Van Doorn and SAVOY headlining the day. From progressive house stars like Arty and Ecotek to deep house/disco extraordinaires Justin Martin and Justin Sloe of Drooghouse fans of all kinds will find a sound to their liking. Now, even if trance and electro isn’t exactly your thing, big time heavy bass/trap artists like Candyland, K Theory, and Carnage will be gracing our presences too, not to mention an extra sponsored stage by Got Bass Music featuring 6 different trap and bass artists. Other artists that will also be in attendance on Saturday include Emma HewittRobag Wruhme, J Flash, Dragon and Jontron, Triad Dragons, Joman, JQA, Turner & Heit, AViVA, Nutmeg, and Oona Dahl, which makes for one HELL of a second day.

Saturday’s top three artists to see: Justin MartinK TheoryCandyland


The final and most anticipated  day of Global Dance Festival, Sunday will be responsible for the highest turn up of the weekend, as it will be featuring two of today’s biggest DJ collaborations, GrizGramatik and BaauerR.L. Grime. After that, the lineup is  still worth salivating over, with promising acts like: MimosaCookie MonstaCrazeSeven LionsDJ Green LanternKill ParisRyan Hemsworth, Jim-E Stack Sound RemedySavages, BasscrooksIshe, Fury, and a special stage hosted by sub.mission featuring 6 heavy bass artists to top it all off. These artists will be covering almost all genres from dubstep to trap, moombahton, house, electro, downtempo, glitch-hop, and so many more, so do not take this day lightly! We couldn’t be happier to see how this weekend closes, and we hope that you all enjoy what the beautil Red Rocks Amphitheater has to offer this weekend!

Sunday’s top three artists to see: GrizmatikSeven LionsRyan Hemsworth


Tickets are still available on Ticketmaster if you haven’t already bought yours, but to all those that will be attending, we look forward to seeing you and be sure to enjoy the festivities responsibly!

For more information/announcements you can also visit the Global Dance Festival page here!

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