Strange Trillderness - Regulators

Strange Trillderness – Regulators

On this incredibly-normal hump day, I sit at work and wonder what the hell I’m doing inside whilst the sun omnipotently sits at my front door and the breeze enters and exits like the customers I see. Well, to get me through this “first-world” problem so to speak, I look to Chicago’s Regulators and their latest original, ‘Strange Trillderness.’ Their distinct trap sound is something we’ve been following from the start, and with little telling of their next move, I was pleasantly surprised at the feel of their newest single. From bubbly synths to hard hitting 808’s, the champion-themed melody propels itself into a super-trill jungle of big-room laser stabs and classic trap percussion. Like any other Regulators-certified tune, ‘banger’ does not truly justify its strength nor quality, so go ahead and snag that free download and see for yourself what this ‘Strange Trillderness’ has to offer!

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