In the mood for a blend of hip-hop and nu-disco? Check out the sounds produced by French Kiwi Juice (aka FKJ). Via the label Roche Musique, he released his second EP “Time for a Change” just two days ago. It’s packed with hip-hop, funk and smooth grooves. Five months back he released “So Much to Me” off this EP and delivered a fabulous, ear-enticing track. His three fresh additions satisfy the same craving. Be sure to listen in on “Unchained”. From the playful beats and soul-influenced rhythm, “Unchained” sounds like a jazzy chilled mixture of Daft Punk, Madeon and Pretty Lights. There isn’t much info released about FKJ but he is indeed French. Spinning from Paris, I truly respect what this Frenchie is bringing to the table. If you’re into “Time for a Change” then give your ears the gift of “Lying Together” [FREE DL]. This banging track came out almost a year ago. The song has an amazing futuristic funkified sex sound. Let these smooth tracks fill up your room, apartment, house, wherever and allow the soulful dance grooves to flow.


FKJ on Facebook | SoundCloud

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