The 26 year old Chicago native, Jeremih Felton, better know simply as Jeremih, took the R&B world by storm last year with his EP, Late Nights With Jeremih.  This young Chicago crooner recently teamed up with hip-hop legend, P. Diddy, to serve as his manager.  Diddy will also be the executive producer of forthcoming LP Thumpy Johnson, which is inspired by drugs and is explained to be  “crack music for the streets”.  Thumpy Johnson will be released via Def Jam Records and Jeremih has stated Busta Rhymes and Puffy will both have features.

Jeremih is a perfect example of an artist who has crossed the barrier between R&B singer and rapper as he has proven on previous projects.  With his own backing vocals complimenting his verses, Jeremih is as seductive as ever on “Ex-To-See”, which is a play on words of “extacy”.  This talented, young artist seems to always find mellow, soothing, down-tempo style beats, and “Ex-To-See” is no exception as KB provided the production for this track. Stay tuned for his forthcoming LP and grab this free download.


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