Friends, we can now rejoice.  Shook’s debut album is on the way!  In a little less than three weeks you’ll have a serious piece of good vibes flowing into those ears.  For those that aren’t familiar, Shook is a producer that has a secret identity much like Kavinsky.  After looking at his website, you’ll see comic like illustrations and a story-line in his ‘About‘ section.  If you’ve been a fan of Shook you already know the magnitude of awesome that just stems from his tunes.  “Summer Heat” is no different.  Get yourself ready for poolside vibes, big funky basslines and sweet vocals on this single.

“Dear friends,
It has taken a while, but MY DEBUT ALBUM IS FINALLY FINISHED! It will release 6th of August 2013.
To get you guys in the mood: here’s one of the featured tracks available for free download this week.
Much Love, -S”


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