Over the past month or so, Henry Smithson, better known as Riton, has been hyping his newest mixtape release, Can’t Stop The Clock.  Now, it has finally been released and it is undoubtably living up to the hype he slowly created.  Riton is a London based artist that’s known for his numerous monikers, but possibly most well-known for the name Carte Blanche with the late DJ Mehdi.  Riton has been releasing new and fresh music since as early as 2001, and there are no signs of slowing down.

On Can’t Stop The Clock you’ll find a huge diverse pool of music coming together seamlessly in Riton’s vision.  Riton collected eleven tracks and remixed them to his liking.  The collection is now being given to you in the form of a mixtape.  All together we have remixes of Jeremih, Musical Youth, MIA, Aaliyah, Imogen Heap and many more.  If you’re a fan of broadening your musical horizons and genres don’t matter to you, then give this mixtape a thorough listen.  There is something for everyone in this forty minute mixtape.

Sida A
1. Riton feat. Jeremih – Trap House (‘Fuck you all the time’)
2. Riton feat musical youth – This Generation (‘Pass The Dutchie’)
3. Riton feat. Rita Orr & Le Dust Sucker – Suckers – (‘How We Do’ & ‘Mandate My Ass’)
4. Riton feat. M.I.A. – Henry’s People (‘People’ from her new Album)
5. Riton feat. Aaliyah – That Somebody (‘Are You That Somebody’)
6. Riton feat. Cassie – Must be love (‘Must Be Love’)

Side B
1. Riton feat. Kid Ink – Drippin Gold (‘Drippin’)
2. Riton feat. Waka Floka ‘Brain’ (‘Freaky Gurl’)
3. Riton feat. Audion – Mega Kisses (‘Kisses’)
4. Riton feat. Sage The Gemini – Gas Pedal (‘Gas Pedal’)
5. Riton feat. Imogen Heap – Hide & Seek (‘Hide & Seek’)


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