Nudist is very fitting name for this up and coming producer due to the inspiration found in their music for me to get naked. Once again, I will stand by my statement that the UK has some of the most forward-thinking musicians, and Nudist is yet another artist who possess this innovative quality.  Not much is known about this Britishman (or woman) as their SoundCloud has only a few hundred followers, but don’t let that be an indicator of the music because Nudist has a profound skill-set in creating expansive dream-pop melodies.  Considering the numerous quality releases this week, this up and coming musician is on my radar for artists to watch this year. “Favelas” is a dream pop track characterized by chopped vocal samples and a strutting bassline, and as this summertime jam proceeds, the better it gets.  Although this song starts out fairly dark, it builds up to create a feeling of warmth and excitement for the listener.  Soak up the sun and check out more jams by Nudist.

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