Wildlight somehow passed under my radar when their debut project, Hers Was As Thunder, came out last week .The Polish Ambassador has been taking our eardrums through intergalactic, funky adventures for some time now, but has gone down a different avenue with his new side project, Wildlight.  It’s only fitting  The Polish Ambassador‘s home brew record label is named Jumpsuit records, as he is known for his yellow onesie worn to each of his performances .

Wildlight consisted of the ambassador himself alongside vocalist, Ayla Nereo.  I didn’t know TPA’s David Sugalski was working a side project, but I couldn’t be happier after my first listen of the debut album, Hers Was As Thunder.  Ayla Nereo’s expansive vocals work perfectly with the funky, dream pop melodies provided by Sugalski and has me thirsty for more material from this duo. I’ve noticed a lot more female vocalists taking the route of electronic influenced production, and Wildlight have successfully created something cool; blending the funk of Sugalski with the lyrical imagery of Nereo. This EP doesn’t have a single skip-able track and I highly recommend giving it a full listen.

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