I discovered a small electronic artist named Andrea almost a year ago now.  The first thing I noticed was that he was another Parisian.  Some of my favorites come from Paris so I figured it was already a great start; then I pressed play.  I listened to every track on his Soundcloud.  The few originals he had at the time, the Bedtime Stories EP, and the countless remixes were on repeat for weeks.  Andrea seemed to have struck an inner-chord with his music, it just resonated.  Now, almost a year later, Andrea has gained a major following with his beautiful music.

So I was finally very happy that Andrea allowed us to work with him on an interview as he was wrapping up a massive thirty-day project called, #OneSampleOneDay.  The idea is to create a totally original piece of work starting with only a sample.  Thirty days later, Andrea gives us some details about the work flow of his project, who his dream collaboration would be and his influences in this short but sweet interview.  Enjoy!

TD:Let’s start with name, age, where you’re from and how you got started as Andrea?
ANDREA: Andrea, 22, I basicly started this type of music five years ago but never released anything until the end of 2011

TD: For those that are new listeners, how would you describe your sound in just a sentence or two?
ANDREA: I guess its somewhere between emotive electronica and more broken beat music.

TD: Your tracks have a certain emotion that definitely resonates with a lot of people, how do you conjure that emotion when producing?  Do you only make music during a certain time of day or when you’re feeling a certain way?
ANDREA: Right now I basically make music from the time I wake up to when I fall asleep, so I guess I just try to speak for myself.  I’m really glad it resonates with a lot of people like you said.

TD: What are you inspired by?
ANDREA: Anything really, I try to work on music like I could work on film, have a certain atmosphere and tell a story, something unique every time.  I dont think each track has this, but I hope a lot of mine do.

TD: Who are some of your influences currently?
ANDREA: Right now I’m trying not to listen to a lot of music.  I don’t want to make myself do the same thing as other people, but I’m still very influenced by guys like Lapalux; more on the production side though.

TD: If you could collaborate with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?
ANDREA: Definitely Portishead, I’d love to wander in their studio and make an album with them.

TD: France seems to be a bubbling place for producers with similar styles as yourself.  Who are some producers that are doing big things right now?
ANDREA:  Yeah France is starting to get bigger and bigger.  Julia Losfelt, Dream Koala and Stwo are definitly people to keep under your radar right now.

TD: You started your #OneSampleOneDay project last month and now, 30 days later, you’re finally complete.  How did the project come about?  Who gave you the idea?
ANDREA: It was really hard in a way; the first few days were pretty fun but at some point it gets really mentally challenging to get things done quickly.   But it also builds your workflow and disciplines you in a really good way.
I loved the idea of giving content to my fans on a regular basis, and I found it even more interesting if it was the fans themselves that suggested what I would work on.

TD: Do you have a favorite out of the whole bunch?  Which track had the greatest response from your fans (as far as you can tell)?
ANDREA: Since I tried to make something slightly different every time, I have a bunch of tracks I like, I can’t remember most of them though.  Thats the dark side of making something new everyday, but the one where I sampled Shadow Child worked really well and gave me a couple of exciting opportunities.

TD: Most obscure sample you used?  Or a sample that you didn’t expect to use?
ANDREA: I’m a huge fan of the Deftones, and I never thought I’d be able to use Chino’s vocals in a track so that’s pretty cool!

TD: Now that you’re done with this project do you have anything in the works already?  Any major releases or collaborations planned yet?
ANDREA: I’m still working on my album, and I have a bunch of EPs on their way; super excited about everything!

TD: Thanks for chatting with us, any last words or shout-outs?
ANDREA: Shout-out to you guys for supporting me!  Cheers!

Listen to all thirty-one sample based tracks below!


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Interview conducted by John Cywinski

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