A few of us made our way to Pitchfork Music Festival this past weekend.  There we witnessed live shows from Rustie, MIA, Lil B, TNGHT, R. Kelly and many more.  The festival was great and the vibe was just right.  We thought we saw just about everything there was to see, but it seems we missed out on something only 120 people had the opportunity to obtain.

This past weekend one of the booth set up at Pitchfork showed how records are pressed and lathe-cut right in front of you.  And what records were they cutting you ask?  Oh, just the first single from Cut Copy’s forthcoming record (they also etched the person’s name right onto the record). Australia’s Cut Copy devises a pretty unique way of premiering a track to a small audience.  One buyer posted a recording of the track to youtube.  Though there are no other details at this time, “Let Me Show You” can be heard below and I would assume more news on the records will follow soon.


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