A ukulele opens this summer electronic track and promises for a good, happy love-filled time. The original version to “Riptide” by Vance Joy has a slower, more relaxed tempo. I really respect the original and am actually torn between original v. remix as my favorite. Vance Joy is a heartfelt Aussie dude and his song “Riptide” already blew up in Australia as certified GOLD by ARIA (Australian Record Industry Assoc.). Leave it to FlicFlac to edit that song into a celebratory dance track. By adding the bouncing whistle beat, uplifting back bass plus the additional claps, FlicFlac nailed this remix. FlicFlac is a collaboration between Kevin Richi and Max Gain who met out at a party in Ibiza and connected due to their intense passion for music. As the clock strikes 5 AM and the party comes to a close, the two headed back to a hotel room and began creating their first beat. They’ve been at it ever since. They strive to put love in all their tracks and it is definitely heard in “Riptide”. I honestly can’t stop replaying each version. Now I invite you to enjoy this happy summer sunshine for your ears.


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