The young New York based, Venezuelan-born producer Arca has seriously been making a name for himself at a rapid pace. Coming from the UNO NYC crew, this NYU student has been changing the way listeners perceive electronic music for a little while now, but as he recently produced a few tracks on Kanye West’s “Yeezus” his recognition has been skyrocketing at a ridiculously rapid pace. With perfect timing now, he released a free 25 minute mix, of what I am assuming is a new album of his, as it is all original unreleased stuff. The new tracks are still reminiscent of his last releases, which I am a huge fan of (some of the few vinyl that I own), but still solidify him as one of the most innovative producers out right now. His sound is like his mind is 100 years ahead of all of us. I truly hope this kid gets all the support he deserves, so grab this download and be sure to grab Stretch 1 and Stretch 2, you won’t be disappointed.


Arca on SoundCloud | Twitter

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