It’s not everyday you stumble across a sound that truly catches your ears off guard but yet it still happens from time to time. A few weeks back we were contacted by a fairly unknown producer from the West Coast and boy did we like what we heard when we dug into his SoundCloud bank a little. Tucked inside were all sorts of wonky, drippy, trippy, and wild bass laden tracks that truly take you on a crazy auditory ride. With a diverse catalogue under his belt and having just dropped his latest EP ‘Caavve’ with Brap Dem Recordings we decided to get a few questions together for Boats so you guys could get to know this talented producer a little while you delve into this unique sound he has began to harness. Dig on into this tasty little interview we whipped up and be sure to take a listen to all the musical samplings snuck in here and there too! On top his most recent release, ‘Caavve’, Boats has also been gracious enough to let us have a little remix EP since he just broke three hundred likes on Facebook so definitely keep an eye out for that below as well.

Purchase the full ‘CAAVVE’ EP here

The Dankles: So you’re a fairly new face in the game would you mind introducing yourself to the new listeners out there?
BOATS: I am the bass music producer BOATS from the bay area.

TD: How did you wind up getting involved in the music scene initially? Have you always been based off the West Coast? 
BOATS: Well my earliest memory is the earthquake in 89′. So that was some early west coast sub frequency inspiration.. But when I moved to Oakland in 09′ I got introduced to the underground party scene and this was when dubstep here was so fresh and massive. The parties were really inspiring and unlike anything I had and have ever been to. I was playing in a band at the time and had no idea what was going on. On the ride home one night I just couldn’t help it anymore and shouted out loud “How do you make that music?!?!” My homie said “..ableton”. But yeah I was born in the Bay Area and haven’t really seen much else..

TD:  Your sound is very expansive, can you describe what you like to put into a song to really get people groovin’ or do you usually just roll with the flow?
BOATS: Thanks! I usually put a bunch of ideas down then take away things until I’m saying the same thing with as little as possible… There are moments on the release where I let go of trying hard to make it danceable and focus on the emotion. To me a release is where you can do that, where as at a live show I’ll focus less on emotion and more on rhythm. I really think minimal stuff gets me and others “groovin'”. When heavy frequencies are played loud you can say a lot with very little. More than 3 sounds at once I start questioning.

TD: What things around you in your day to day life influence you to produce the music you do to this day? 
BOATS: Well my family and friends most of all. They all work hard and have amazing hearts. Thats what is takes to do anything righteous in my opinion. But yeah also watching water and natural lighting/shadows. Trying to understand the feeling of all things.

TD: You got a lot of your inspiration from old skate videos, what about those beats included in those soundtracks really hooked you in?
BOATS: What it was about everything in those videos was it showed me that there is this other world of stuff that isn’t on my cable or at school that is hugely supported. And that I’m going to have to find it on my own. No one is going to hand it to me or shove it in front of my face like everything else I knew about..until then. I got my first skate video when I was about 8 and there wall kinds of underground New York rap and acid jazz on there. Stuff from all over the world I still can’t find info on to this day.


TD: And more importantly what are a few of your favorite skate tapes that really have that sound scoring you love to hear?
BOATS: Pretty much all the old 411vm. Definitely the old zoo york videos.

TD: This has become a pretty standard question of ours, what kind of equipment  do you sit down with to produce in the studio? What about in a live show setting? 
BOATS: The busier I get I’m more on the run and have to produce just with my computer. But when I’m home I use a couple nano controllers and a Roland Juno-1. I have a mic I occasionally make sounds into… Live I just use a nano control mixer and occasionally I bring the Juno-1.

TD: With the summer under way what are your plans for the next few months?
BOATS: Get outside more! Play more outdoor shows. Meet more good people. Make more sound experiments!


TD: You have just released your newest batch of tracks on ‘CAAVVE’ would you like to touch on what went into crafting these particular tunes and choosing them for this release?
BOATS: Well all the tracks on the release have an emotional juxtapose on the way I view funk and bass music. And its from a dark or realm like place but at the same time sounds hopeful. Like there is a light at the end. Thats how this creative process feels like a lot. Like your crawling through a cave.

TD: When you’re not bending beats and working in the studio what are couple other things you keep yourself entertained with?
BOATS: I like riding my bike and cooking. I also mess around with calligraphy pens sometimes.

TD: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, any last words for those people out there? 
BOATS: It’s all about love! Find the best way you know how to show love and do it!

Last time you attended a show you didn’t play:
BOATS: My homie Yheti played in Livermore my home town last week. It was awesome.

Last time eating something weird:
BOATS: My mom makes meatloaf..It’s kinda weird but I like it

Last CD/vinyl you bought:
BOATS: CD – Jodeci ‘The show, the after party, the hotel’
Vinyl – some random field recording collection.

Last time out of the country:
BOATS: I’ve never been out of the country. Only to Burning Man lol…

Last time you were forced into something:
BOATS: I was forced into going to Burning Man and it was amazing!

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Interview Conducted by Nathaniel Fyffe


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