One of our favorite San Francisco artists, Blackbird Blackbird is back with a new remix!  Blackbird Blackbird (born Mikey Maramag) is a producer that focuses his work on deep textured soundscapes with lush melodies and finely tuned samples.  It’s a form of emotional electronic music that will still make you groove like no other on the dance floor.  Almost exactly a month ago, Blackbird Blackbird released a new single titled, “Refresh” (read more and download).  “Refresh” is without a doubt one of Blackbird Blackbird’s freshest tunes to date.  On the Miguel remix we’re given more of the same.  A tune that lies somewhere between indie-dance, trap, R&B and juke. It’s a combo that is irresistible. Miguel’s soft vocals echo in the distance while a thumping baseline hops along the track along side rolling snares.  You’d be a fool to miss out on this one!


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