Little Daylight, an indie-dance trio from Brooklyn is gearing up for their debut EP release next month by teasing us with a new video and new music.  The new EP titled, Tunnel Vision, is going to showcase five tracks and is due to be released August 6th.  We’ve heard three of the tracks on the EP already.  The first was the sing-a-long “Overdose” (read more and download).  The follow-up was a track called “Name In Lights” (read more and download).  The third and most recent was their glimmering track “Glitter and Gold” (read more and listen).

The problem with Little Daylight is once you’ve heard their material nothing compares when it comes to indie-dance music.  It’s infectious to the bone and you can’t help but wear a smile on your face while listening.  I was lucky enough to get a listen of the upcoming EP, “Treelines” takes their indie-dance aesthetic into the instrumental realm for a different change of pace, but it leaves me missing Nikki’s vocals.  On “Restart” we’re given more of their patented catchy melodies.  Watch the video above and read the short interview we conducted with Little Daylight recently.


1. Overdose
2. Glitter and Gold
3. Treelines
4. Restart
5. Name in Lights

THEDANKLES: You’ve gone a full year with an anonymous identity, but you’re starting to slowly reveal yourselves.  Did you want to stay anonymous as long as possible and is there any particular reason for it?

LITTLE DAYLIGHT: For the first few months of Little Daylight, we were focusing our work on our remixes almost exclusively.  It seemed the most natural for us, given that, to keep our individual personalities, faces, and names out of the equation.  It didn’t feel necessary to personalize what we were doing at that point in the process, as remixers.  We were most interested in creating an identity for Little Daylight, not for Nikki, Matt, and Eric.  Once we began releasing original music earlier this year, we were comfortable starting to reveal more about ourselves.

THEDANKLES: Where does your inspiration come from? 

LITTLE DAYLIGHT: Any number of places… out at a club, on a long car drive, during soundcheck before a show.  Things seep in and manifest themselves as songs.

THEDANKLES: You’ve now played a few shows, what does your live show consist of and who has been your favorite artists to play with thus far?

LITTLE DAYLIGHT: Our live show consists of guitar, bass, keyboards, live drums, electronic drums, lots of vocals, lots of reverb, and a whoosh here and there.  Our favorite people to play with thus far have definitely been Marina and the Diamonds and Charli XCX.  Both of those tours have been amazing, and we can’t wait to get back out again with Charli this fall.

THEDANKLES: If you could collaborate with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why?

LITTLE DAYLIGHT: Richard D. James.  Would be amazing to sit with him in the studio and do some drum programming together.

THEDANKLES: You’re releasing your new EP in a couple weeks then what’s your plan for the rest of the year?  More remixes, originals, more touring?

LITTLE DAYLIGHT: We’re already pretty deep into work on our full length LP, which will come in early 2014.  We have two fall tours planned and will be in the studio whenever we’re back in New York.


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