For Boulder’s own, Be Good‘s latest track, he has chosen to take on the huge task of remixing The Beatles, which is no easy feat. The track starts off slow and atmospheric, with the famous “look at all the lonely people” line looped into the background before completely switching up into an entirely new song around the 1:20 mark. Be Good chops, samples, and pitches up the original vocals until they are unrecognizable, and then turns that into an addictive sample with a trap drum beat and subtle but mood-building melodies in the background. In between the more turnt up parts of the song, Be Good chooses to create dreamy landscapes that are the perfect antithesis to when the beat drops and the energy turns up. Like I stated in the beginning, The Beatles are one of the hardest bands to remix, but Be Good has done an excellent job with this one by making this track completely his own.

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