Sango is one of those producers with many faces. We have seen him smear his talent around and dip his toes in all sorts of genres as he has let multiple EPs surface prior to his newest debut LP ‘North’ (which just dropped via the illustrious Soulection camp). Having caught my ear awhile back it brings a smile to my face to see how far Sango’s music has come and that this culmination of beats intertwined on ‘North’ is his newest brain child. Just a week or two ago we brought you the debut single to stoke the excitement around this release but alas ‘North’ is here in its entirety and boy is it just as good as we imagined! Stuffed full of heartstring plucking beats that are sure to make your head nob or heart melt (if not a little of both) there’s definitely something on this LP you will find satiating. Bringing in some big names in the downtempo beat scene we see appearances from JMSNAtuTa-ku, and Dpat (to name just a few)on this whimsically woven thirteen track release. Below is a stream from over on Soulection’s Bandcamp so dive on in and see what strikes your fancy; oh and don’t forget to swoop that download while you’re at it too if you can’t wait for the vinyl to come out a little down the line!!

Sango on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
Soulection on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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