It seems like almost every week I’m stumbling across a new crew of talented MC’s doin’ their thing. One astonishing thing about it is how many of them are coming from the NYC area! Today we have a fresh mixtape from Da Youngfellaz, a young pair of talented MC’s that just came up on some of our radars over here at The Dankles. Now this isn’t be any means the first tape we have seen from Jay Storm & Sho-Biz but it is indeed a precursor for this full length album Sophisticated Arrogance that drops later this summer. On Sophisticated But Arrogant we get a taste of what might be wrapped up in the full-length but until then these ten tracks will have to tide you over as we are doused with silky smooth verses gliding over some equally luscious beats. Up top we have a little video for ‘Welcome To NYC Part II (ft. Crome)’ which is also off the mixtape so be sure to enjoy that as you let Da Youngfellaz show you their New York love. With appearances from CromeDeVo D.KepstarLetra & KamiRich iCoast and Sal Capone all wrapped up in this tape you really get a good grasp of Da Youngfellaz style as they take us on a journey from chilled out hip hop vibes to more out there beats you wouldn’t typically expect slid in there. You can stream this bad boy below so don’t hesitate to  snag any of these tracks that tickle your fancy for your permanent collection!

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