The ever evolving Alex B, or Paper Diamond, is someone who is always busy.   Whether it be a 90 show tour in a three month period, working on his Elm & Oak brand, or spending countless hours in the studio, Paper Diamond never stops pushing his artistic boundaries.  As someone who’s worked at Alex’s Elm and Oak store in Boulder, Colorado, I’ve seen first hand how incredibly busy 2013 has been for this producer.  Alex is one of the most versatile DJs out there today, for example, he played bass last week in boulder for a Gigantic Underground Conspiracy superjam type of show.  This former bass player for Pnuma Trio has progressed a lot since his days of slapping the bass while releasing music under Alex B and his current moniker, Paper Diamond.

“The Black Rose” starts off with trap style horns and, preparing me for a hard-hitting festival trap song.  Howeever, after the intro, Paper Diamond adds melodic keys into the mix along with eerie background synths, giving the track multiple dimensions. This track is less energizing than a lot of his Paper Diamond and reminds me of the Alex B days of his career.  If you liked this track, make sure you grab the free EP, Paragon, released this spring.  Paper Diamond’s image choice of a Scarlett Johansson titty pic is fitting; black roses don’t actually exist in nature.


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