Even if it’s one of those days, look at the bright side, Monday has rolled around once again to break the seal on a whole new week of fresh music for your eardrums. To get things rolling one our end we’d like to kick things off by bringing you our first exclusive of the week! Today we’re dropping the curtains on a special track from a talented bass producer from Connecticut, he goes by the name of Scatz and boy does he have some rhythms to lay down on you guys. This bass heavy track he kicked us for this post today has really begun to grow on me, Scatz’s style of production really makes it hard to not get up off your feet and dance. With a plentiful sprinkling of vocal samples over the bouncing basslines crafted for this track you’re definitely gonna be glad that Scatz is hooking ‘Representin’ Slow860′ up for free!

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1 Comment on "Representin’ Slow860 – Scatz [▲Exclusive DL▲]"

  1. hell yes awesome tune, SlowHouse is bumpin’ it over here at UConn. representing slow!

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