With a hefty catalogue amassing under his belt as the months tick by Damn Kids has really been making moves since he first dove into the music scene a couple years back. Gaining recognition from some of the biggest names in the game almost immediately it became clear that Damn Kids was here to stay right when he walked in the room. He has a production style unlike many others, dabbling in everything electronic from house to trap while lending his own flavor to each. Just recently he released a new EP entitled ‘Ussu’ and luckily enough we were able to chat him up a little bit following this release. Come and get to know Damn Kids a bit while you take a listen to his new EP at the same damn time!

The Dankles: You’re still a fairly new face in the game, would you care to take a second and introduce yourself for us?
Damn Kids: My name is Damn Kids, my real name is Stephane, and I’m an electronic music producer from Toronto.
TD: You hail from Toronto but your music is heard worldwide, have you been surprised at how quickly your sound has spread?
DK: The thing that always surprises me is how many people have heard my music around the world. It is pretty awesome how the internet has opened so many doors for people to find songs and sounds they like. Getting support early on from big DJs definitely helps spread my music to a lot of people.
TD: After having initial difficulty picking up a variety of instruments have you thought about taking that task on again?
DK: Its always been on my mind. I think the way I’d approach it is. Instead of just recording an instrument and using that in a song. I would do a lot more processing. I would love to record live bass sounds, then chop it up, and play with it. I’m always looking for unique sounds to play around with, so recording live instruments is definitely something I want to do.
TD: We just saw the premiere of your latest EP ‘Ussu’, this is your first entirely free EP. Can you tell us what went into crafting this 4-track release and why you decided to let us all have it for free?
DK:  I really wanted to do a free EP for a while, but I wanted to wait until I had the right tracks to do so. The Ussu EP is a bit of everything, and that’s why I chose it for a free EP. I really wanted to push for an EP that has a very distinct sound, but where each track is still unique when compared to the others. As for making it free, it just seems like a good representation of my music on all scales, and making it free lets me get it to the most amount of people.

TD: You brought us the latest installment of your ‘Last Mix Series’ a few months back; can we look to see another installment anytime soon?
DK: I really like to do my mixes when I am sitting on at least 8-10 unreleased tracks, as a bit of a teaser of what’s to come. I like the exclusivity of it, and the fact that I’m playing stuff of my own that isn’t out yet. I’ll probably do at least one more by the end of this year.
TD: With the summer well underway have you found yourself busy these past few months?
DK: I’ve been working on new music a lot and playing gigs, so I’ve definitely have been able to keep myself busy.
TD: The music scene has a face that is constantly shifting, how do you feel about certain fads and trends that have caught on this year so far?
DK: I try not to focus too hard on what  “the next big thing” is.  A lot of good songs have come out in the past year, but there’s 10-20 ones that sound exactly the same that follow it. It is tough, especially in dance music, to do something new and keep it fresh, when one sound gets big and everyone jumps on it. It is really important for producers to not limit themselves to one specific sound or genre. I do however, like the growing popularity of deep house, amongst kids my age. Before most kids either didn’t like electronic music, or if they did it was american dubstep or EDM pop.

TD: You have had your work recognized by many big billing artists, is there anyone in particular you would still like your sound to reach?
DK: The first person on my list is always Kanye West. He’s definitely one of my biggest influences, and for him to hear my music would be such an honour.
TD: We have seen a lot of solo production out of you as it is, any plans to work on some collaborative efforts with other producers in the future?
DK: I’ve really been focusing on solo production recently, but there are a few plans to collaborate with a few different artists, but nothing has been finished. So I won’t say who or when, until it is.


Last time you attended a show you didn’t play:
TJR/Porter Robinson
Last time eating something weird:
I ate mandarin yesterday, and there was probably loads of weird stuff in that food.
Last CD/vinyl you bought:
I bought Yeezus on iTunes and bought the CD the next day. Last vinyl I bought was the Clockwork Orange soundtrack.
Last gig you played:
Hoxton, Toronto with the masked vigilante, UZ
Last amazing moment of this summer:
Digital Dreams has been the highlight of my summer. Playing a huge festival in my home city was one for the books.
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