Who iz thiz collab? It’s the year of the side-project!  Cat-lover, Dillon Francis aka DJ Hanzel and Kill The Noise have teamed up to bring you Meowski666.  Two minds that have conquered the bass music scene have turned towards a new sound and vision to bring you something fresh.  You know that Dillon Francis is a dude that likes to have fun, and though Kill The Noise might not show it as much as Dillon, he certainly likes to have a good time.  This track should show everyone exactly how serious they are.

“Meow Machine” is their first execution from the project and they came out with a big statement!  LOL Cats don’t have shit on these two.    The track is a compilation of a bunch of samples and some big booty bumping bass.  The catch is that most of the samples are of cats meowing or dogs barking.  Of course you have your occasional Rick Ross ‘grunt’ and “Who Let The Dogs Out” and a small bit of KW Griff’s “Bring In The Catz”.  It’s certainly not a track for everyone but if you don’t take it too seriously it’s pretty awesome.  I can only hope that Meowski666 continues on this track for a very long time.


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